Guest House

We have reserved rooms at the Guest House of Istanbul Technical University at Macka Campus where the conference will take place. The guest house, that offers a type of inexpensive hotel-like lodging, has a limited number of rooms and all of them are reserved for MCDM 2019. Students and those from developing and emerging countries will be given priority. After completing your registration for the conference, you may send your application to [email protected] by April 24, 2019. If you are interested in sharing a room with another participant please indicate it at your application.
The price for a single room is €32-35 and a double room is €42-45 per night (8% VAT and breakfast are included).


You may use the reference code “MCDM2019” to benefit from the listed prices below

Single RoomDouble Room
Sofa Hotel
Contact: [email protected]
Konak Hotel
Contact: [email protected]
Mega Residence Hotel
[email protected]

8% VAT and breakfast are included in the above mentioned prices.